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How to use Alexa assistant with my Philips Airfryer

Published on 11 April 2024
To find out how to connect and verbally control your Philips Airfryer using Amazon Alexa Voice, read our article below.

Achieving best results

To get the best out of your Connected Philips Airfryer and enjoy an even more convenient way to cook at home, we recommend connecting your appliance to Amazon Alexa Voice. This allows you to verbally control your Philips Airfryer in a couple of minutes. The instructions are very simple – you can find them below together with a list of available commands.

Setting up Amazon Alexa

If you have not already, ensure that you download the HomeID app, register with your email address and pair your connected Airfryer.

When your Airfryer is set up in HomeID, go to your profile and select the cogwheel icon in the top right to visit the app settings. In the settings menu, simply tap "Amazon account" and select "Kitchen appliances". Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your Amazon credentials to complete the connection.

Make sure that your phone and Airfryer are successfully connected, then start cooking your first chips using Alexa.

List of commands:

Note: Depending on your country, voice commands may be available only in English.

Follow these steps to enjoy your chips:

  • Start your Alexa Kitchen Plus skill by saying: "Alexa, start Kitchen Plus".

  • You can turn on the Airfryer by saying: "Alexa, tell Kitchen Plus to turn on the Airfryer"

  • Add the 800g of frozen chips to the basket of the Airfryer and close the basket.

  • You can set the time and temperature by saying: "Alexa, tell Kitchen Plus to set the Airfryer cooking time for 25 minutes at 180 degrees".

  • Start cooking with the voice command: "Alexa, tell Kitchen Plus to start cooking".
Tip: You can combine two of the commands above by saying: "Alexa, tell Kitchen Plus to set the Airfryer cooking time to {time} at {temperature} degrees and start cooking".
  • While your chips are cooking, don't forget to shake the basket every 10 minutes. You can set a timer using Alexa: "Alexa, set a timer to 10 minutes".

  • While you are waiting for your chips to be done, you can check how much time is left by using the command: "Alexa, ask Kitchen Plus how much time is left on the Airfryer"

  • When your chips are done, you can turn off the device by saying: "Alexa, tell Kitchen Plus to power off the Airfryer

  • Don't forget that you can cancel your cooking at any point by saying: "Alexa, tell Kitchen Plus to stop cooking on the Airfryer"

Your chips are ready, enjoy

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