Back massager


Large area massage

The back massager uses up to 12 floating massage nodes. The massage range covers both the waist and back, so you can instantly get a relaxing experience of the whole back.

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Back massager

Large area massage

3D floating massage nodes with hot compress

  • Multi-node floating massage
  • Thermostatically hot compress
  • One-key control

Multi-node massage relax both the upper and lower back

Up to 12 massage nodes are arranged on both the left and right side. A large area rotation can cover the back to massage all parts precisely.

Promote blood circulation and muscle relaxation

42 degrees (±3 degrees) hot compress thermostatically. While the massage nodes are kneading and massaging, it can also heat the massaged area to accelerate blood circulation, eliminate swelling and pain, and relieve muscle soreness.

Imitate human massage skill, enjoy a comfortable experience

Use 3D stereo massage nodes, which are different from ordinary 2D flat massage nodes. It can simulate real person's pushing, pulling and kneading massage techniques to deeply soothe muscles and eliminate fatigue.

Comfortable fit to curved surface for complete massage

In-depth study of the human body curve in order to make the massager more compliant with the body and achieve a purer massage experience.

Innovative floating massage

Design of floating massage nodes provides protection. When the body is close to the massager, it will stretch back and forth to avoid damage caused by squeezing the body tissues.

One-key control, easy to use

Make hard things simple: complete all the functional procedures with one touch.

Timed massage to avoid overuse

15 minutes preset massage function to prevent damage caused by excessive massage or hot compress

Personalized massage settings with 4 modes

Experience in four different modes

Color status indicator: clear and easy to understand

Buttons and massage heads are equipped with colored status lights. Orange light indicates heated mode while blue light indicates no heat.

Technical Specifications

  • General specifications

    Product Dimension (LxWxH)
    422×164×470  mm
    Power supply
    Adapter (IN100-240V OUT12V)
    Heating Type
    Heating light
    Main materials
    • Mesh cloth
    • Poly urethane
  • Main parameters

    Auto shut-off time
    Rated voltage
    Temperature of heating
    42±3  °C
    Rated Power
    24  W
    Cord length of adapter
  • Country of origin

    Made in
  • Service

    Warranty period
    2 years

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