Mini Hi-Fi System


DVD and MP3-CD Playback

Savor the magic of movies and music on the FWD39 with DVD and MP3-CD playback. DTS and Dolby Digital ensure a rich moive experience. Enjoy music powerfully enhanced by MAX Sound, 3-Way Speaker System and 100W RMS

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Mini Hi-Fi System

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DVD and MP3-CD Playback

  • DVD
Progressive Scan component video for optimized image quality

Progressive Scan component video for optimized image quality

Progressive Scan doubles the vertical resolution of the image resulting in a noticeably sharper picture. Instead of sending a field comprising the odd lines to the screen first, followed by the field with the even lines, both fields are written at one time. A full image is created instantaneously, using the maximum resolution. At such a speed, your eye perceives a sharper picture with no line structure.

Play DVD, (S)VCD, MP3-CD, WMA-CD, CD(RW) & Picture CD

Play DVD, (S)VCD, MP3-CD, WMA-CD, CD(RW) & Picture CD

The Philips player is compatible with most DVD and CD discs available in the market. DVD, (S)VCD, MP3-CD, WMA-CD, CD(RW) and Picture CD - all of them can play on the player. SVCD stands for "Super VideoCD". The quality of a SVCD is much better than a VCD, especially much more sharpen picture than a VCD because of the higher resolution. CD(RW) is a shorthand term for a CD drive that can accept the common rewritable CD format.

MAX Sound for instant power boost

MAX Sound for instant power boost

MAX Sound technology produces an instant boost in bass, maximizing volume performance and instantly creating the most impressive listening experience with just the touch of a button. Its sophisticated electronic circuitry calibrates existing sound and volume settings, instantly boosting bass and volume to maximum levels without distortion. The end result is a noticeable amplifying of both sound spectrum and volume and a potent audio boost that will add mileage to any music.

3-step Dynamic Bass Boost for deep bass experience

3-step Dynamic Bass Boost for deep bass experience

Dynamic Bass Boost maximizes your music enjoyment by emphasizing the bass content of the music throughout the range of volume settings - from level one to level three – at the touch of a button! You can customize the bass level that fits your style. Bottom-end bass frequencies usually get lost when the volume is set at a low level. To counteract this, Dynamic Bass Boost can be switched on to boost bass levels, so you can enjoy consistent sound even when you turn down the volume.

Digital Sound Control for optimized music style settings

Digital Sound Control for optimized music style settings

Digital Sound Control offers you a choice of pre-set Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classic controls you can use to optimise the frequency ranges for different musical styles. Each mode uses graphic equalizing technology to automatically adjust the sound balance and enhance the most important sound frequencies in your chosen music style. Ultimately, Digital Sound Control makes it easy for you get the most out of your music by precisely adjusting the sound balance to match the type of music you are playing.

Dolby Digital for movies or concerts in full surround sound

Because Dolby Digital and DTS, the world's leading digital multi-channel audio standards, make use of the way the human ear naturally processes sound, you experience superb quality surround sound audio with realistic spatial cues.

1800W PMPO / 100W RMS total power

This system has 1800W PMPO / 100W RMS total output power. RMS refers to Root Mean Square which is a typical measurement of audio power, or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

Virtual Ambience Control provides simulated sound settings

Virtual Ambience Control (VAC) creates a virtual sound environment which digitally mimics the acoustic characteristic of special rooms or environments such as concert halls, the cinema, arcades, discos, etc. By realistically recreating the sound ambience of these different settings, VAC will dramatically enhance your enjoyment of your favorite music.

Technical Specifications

  • Sound

    Output Power
    2x50W RMS
    Sound Enhancement
    • MAX Sound
    • Dynamic Bass Boost 3 steps
    • Digital Sound Control
    • Virtual Ambience Control
    • Virtual Environment Control
  • Loudspeakers

    Main Speaker
    • 2" tweeter
    • 3 way
    • 5.25" woofer
    • Bass Reflex Speaker System
    • Piezo
    Number of Loudspeakers
  • Connectivity

    Aux in
    Line in
    Other connections
    • Composite video (CVBS) out
    • Digital output (cinch)
    • FM Antenna
    • Microphone socket
    • MW Antenna
    • S-Video out
    • Subwoofer out
    • ComponentVideo out Progressive
    3.5 mm
  • Tuner/Reception/Transmission

    Auto digital tuning
    Tuner Enhancements
    • Auto Store
    • Easy Set (Plug & Play)
    Tuner Bands
    • FM Stereo
    • MW
    Station presets
  • Convenience

    • CD Alarm
    • Radio Alarm
    • Sleep timer
    Display Type
    On main display
    • Echo control
    • Key control
    • MIC volume
    Eco Power Standby
    1 watt
  • Power

    Power supply
    • 200-240 V
    • 50Hz
  • Accessories

    Included accessories
    • AC Power Cord
    • Component video cable (R/G/B)
    • FM/MW Antenna
    • Video Cable
    • Batteries for remote control
    • Quick start guide
    • User Manual
    Remote control
    Standard Package Includes
    International Guarantee
  • Dimensions

    Packaging Depth
    440  mm
    Set Width
    265  mm
    Weight incl. Packaging
    15.6  kg
    Packaging Height
    411  mm
    Set Height
    310  mm
    Packaging Width
    611  mm
    Set Depth
    367  mm
    Main speaker depth
    195  mm
    Main speaker width
    248  mm
    Main Speaker height
    310  mm
  • Audio Playback

    Cassette Deck Technology
    Compression format
    • MP3
    • Windows Media™ Audio
    Disc Playback Modes
    • 99-Track Programmable
    • Repeat/one/all/program
    • Repeat/one/disk/program
    Playback Media
    • CD
    • CD-R
    • CD-RW
    • MP3-CD
    • WMA
    Cassette Playback Modes
    • Automatic Stop
    • Electronic Speed Control
    Number of decks
  • Audio Recording

    Recording Media
    Tape Recording Enhancement
    • Automatic Recording Level
    • CD Synchro Start Recording
  • Video Playback

    Playback Media
    • DVD
    • DVD+RW
    • Picture CD
    • SVCD
    • Video CD
    Disc Playback Modes
    • A-B Repeat
    • Angle
    • Disc Menu
    • Fast Backward
    • Fast Forward
    • Resume Playback from Stop
    • Slow Backward
    • Slow Forward
    • Zoom
    Video Enhancement
    Progressive Scan
    DVD Region
    Loader Type
    Number of Discs

What's in the box?

Other items in the box

  • AC Power Cord
  • Component video cable (R/G/B)
  • FM/MW Antenna
  • Video Cable
  • Batteries for remote control
  • Quick start guide
  • User Manual
  • International Guarantee

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