AZ127/12  CD Soundmachine
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CD Soundmachine


How to delete a programmed list from my Philips device?

In order to delete a programmed track list from your Philips device, please choose one of the following methods:

Change the audio source

Change the source to TUNER, TAPE, USB or AUX when you are playing a programmed list.

Press the Stop button

Press the Stop button twice when you are playing a programmed CD list. If you are not playing a programmed CD list but that of other sources, press the Stop button once.

Open the disc door

Open the disc door. This only applicable for a programmed CD list.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AZ127/12 , DCM186B/79 , MCD122/79 , DCB188/79 , AZ1837/79 , MCM233/79 , AZ1852/79 , AZ1852/98 , DC156/79 , FWM154/79 , MCD122/98 , AZ1627/73 , AZ1027/79 , AZ1834/79 , DC146/79 , MCD170/98 , AJ3916/79 , MCM138D/79 , FWD398/98 , MCD177/79 , MCD710/79 , FWM139/79 , MCM239D/79 , MCD299/98 , AZ1021C/79 , MC147/79 , AZ1856/98 , MCD728/98 , FWD182/98 , FWD185/98 , FWM185/79 , MC108B/79 , MC235B/79 , AJ3915/79 , MCM196/98 , MCM108D/79 , FWC185/79 , FWD182/79 , AZ1021/79 , FWM352/79 , MC145/79 , MCD708/79 , MCD700/79 , MCM11/30 , FWD39/30 , MC150/30 , AZ1316/10 , FWM35/30 , MC230/30 , FWM779/22 , FWM570/21 , AZ2536/10 , FWM570/30 , PSS010/01 , FWM779/21 , MCM530/30 , FWM390/30 , FWM589/30 , FWM589/21 , FWM399/30 , AZ1004/10 , FWM390/21 , FWM399/21 , AZ1003/10 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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