WACS5000/97  Wireless Music Center&Station
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Wireless Music Center&Station


How to add stations to my Philips Streamium center?

It is possible to add up to 5 stations to your Philips Streamium wireless music center. In order to be able to enjoy your favorite stations, follow these steps:

On the Center

  1. Switch on the Center and select HD as the source 2. Press Menu to access the main menu 3. Press Up and Down arrows to select Station Mgnt and press OK to confirm 4. Press Up and Down arrows to select Add New Station and press OK. Your Wireless Music Center will now start to search for additional stations.

On the Station

  1. Switch on the station and select HD as the source 2. Press the Up and Down arrows to select Installation Mode and press OK to confirm. The Station will now try to establish contact with a Wireless Music Center. 3. The Center's display will show the Stations that have been found 4. Press the Stop button on the Center when it has found all the stations
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