WACS7500/97  Wireless Music Center&Station
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Wireless Music Center&Station


My Philips Streamium lost Wi-Fi connection

If your Philips Streamium has lost the Wi-Fi connection between the Center and the Station(s), follow these simple steps below to re-establish the Wi-Fi connection:

For the Centre

  1. Make sure the Center is switched on 2. Press MENU on the Center (or on the remote control of the Center) 3. Use the Up and Down buttons to select Settings and press Play button to enter 4. Use the Up and Down buttons again to select Restore Settings and press the Play button to enter 5. Press the Play button to select Yes * Your system is rebooted and now the language selection screen should appear * Once you select your desired language, the device will enter its installation mode

For the Station

  1. Remove the power plug of the Station, wait a few seconds and re-connect the Station to the power supply again 2. Press MENU on the station (or on the remote control of the Station) 3. Use the Up and Down buttons to select Installation Mode and press the Play button to enter * Your Wi-Fi connection is now being re-established When all the station(s) are found, press STOP on the Center.
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