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I have burnt myself using my Philips Hair Curler

Published on 2019-07-17

Your Philips Hair Curler can get very hot. It is extremely important to be cautious while using it to avoid being burnt. Read our simple tips on how to safely use the Philips Hair Curler and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

While using a curler it is very important that you do not touch the rod as it is extremely hot. Hold the curler at its handle and its tip and wrap your hair around the curler very carefully.

If you are a first-time user, we recommend practising with a cool curler first. Once you have mastered the technique, you can turn on your curler and start styling your hair.

Holding the Philips Hair Curler

When curling your hair, don't bring the curler too close to your ear, forehead or any other part of your face and neck.

Sometimes accidents can happen, even if you are very careful. If you are burnt using a Philips Curler, please treat your burn properly or contact your health practitioner for advice.

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