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My Philips pasta maker does not work/has stopped working

Updated on 2022-03-08

If your Philips pasta maker doesn't work, makes alarm sounds or the mixing chamber lid is detached/pushed open, there might be a simple solution.

The pasta maker has overheated due to prolonged and continuous usage

In this case, disconnect your pasta maker from the power source and allow it to cool down.

The chamber lid might not be assembled properly

If your pasta maker is not working right after pressing the start button, then the chamber lid might not be correctly assembled.

Please make sure all the safety pins are fully inserted in their safety switch holes.

Depending on your Philips Pasta Maker Model, the safety pins are either one or two pins that need to be in full contact with the switches.

Philips Viva pasta maker - safety pins

There may be too much flour in the mixing chamber

If you notice the problem while making pasta, there could be too much flour in the mixing chamber.

The maximum amount of flour recommended for each batch of pasta is 400 g (14.1 oz.) for Viva (HR237 models)/500 g (17.6 oz.) for Avance (HR235 models).

If you have put more than the indicated amount of flour in the mixing chamber, please reduce the amount and make another batch of pasta.

The flour/water ratio provided in the "Flour/water ratio table" might not have been followed correctly

In this case, unplug your pasta maker, clean it and start making the pasta again.

If the water/flour ratio is correct, the dough should have the following consistency:

It should be crumbly and appear rather dry. This consistency is needed in order for the extrusion forces to turn the dough into the perfect pasta dough.

Flour/water ratio - Philips pasta maker dough consistency

The mixing paddle may be blocked by a foreign object

Please make sure that there are no foreign objects blocking the mixing paddle.

The wrong program may be selected

Unplug your pasta maker, clean it and follow the user manual to start again.

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