Superb, life-like video connection

The SPC1000NC is your quality connection to friends and family. Its high-resolution video and clear and natural sound is sure to take their breath away. It will be almost like you're in the room there with them.

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Superb, life-like video connection

  • 1.3 MP
  • CMOS

Exciting fun frames and effects

Keep chatting fun by adding the unexpected. Surprise your friends with one of ten themed fun frames around your face to match your chat. Or entertain them with special fun effects that will make you look like negative, embossed or even distorted.

Add your own fun logo to personalize your webcast

Add your own fun logo to personalize your webcast

Personalize your webcast or blogs by adding your own fun logo. This special software enables you to insert a small image in any corner of the streaming video, the same way that TV channel logos appear on your television.

Change Your Background

Change Your Background

Replace your real-life background and fool your friends into thinking you're somewhere else! You can move around and chat as normal, while the software automatically fills in the background behind you. There are 15 great backgrounds to choose from, or you can upload and project your own favorite backdrop.

5 megapixels for excellent image quality

The technology enables 5 MP for photos and the quality is high enough for printing poster-sized images in high-resolution. With the special software enhancement you get even 2 MP for interpolated video streaming.

Natural experience thanks to 60 frames per second video

Create natural-looking, full motion video at 60 frames per second. It's ideal for video-chatting with friends or high-quality home monitoring.

5x digital zoom for superb close-ups

Zoom in and out to get the perfect framing for any image. You control the zoom entirely via the onscreen interface while you're looking at the image so you can adjust it perfectly.

Precision glass lens offers sharper image quality

Sharp, crisp and clear. Precision glass lens guarantees you high image quality for all applications - from snapshot to video messaging. The finished lenses are coated with a special film to extend their working life and protect them from wear and tear and dust accumulation.

Wide-angle lens gets more people in the video frame

The wide-angle high quality glass lens gives you a bigger field of view. The wide-angle lens operates in the same way as a wide-angle photography lens and it gets more people in the video frame without any loss in video quality.

Face tracking automatically follows your face

The state-of-the-art camera software automatically detects your face and moves the lens to follow you as you move. You stay in the center of the image even if you move during a video conference. It gives you the freedom to express yourself and converse naturally.

Built-in digital directional microphone for clear sound

The directional microphone focuses in on your voice so you can talk naturally and don't have to move closer to the microphone to be heard. This automatically cuts down on background noise and gives a more natural sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity

    Cable length
    1.5 m
    PC Link
    USB 2.0
  • System Requirements

    CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
    Hard disk space
    200 MB
    Internet connection
    Operating System
    • Microsoft Windows XP
    • Microsoft Windows Vista
    • Microsoft Windows Vista Home
    RAM memory
    512 MB RAM
    Pentium III 800MHz or faster
    Free USB port
    Sound card
  • Accessories

    Included accessories
    User Manual
  • Dimensions

    Product depth
    88  mm
    Product weight (g)
    Product width
    40  mm
    Product height
    82  mm
  • Video & snapshot capturing

    Sensor resolution
    1.3 MP
    Video resolution
    1.3 MP
    Snapshot resolution
    1.3 MP
    Interpolated snapshot res.
    5.0 MP
    Max. frame rate
    60  fps
    F2.8, D80°
    White balance
    2600 – 7600 k
    Min. illuminance
    < 5 lux
    Color depth
    24  bit
  • Packaging Data

    87 12581 33415 4
    186  mm
    190  mm
    Gross weight
    0.435  kg
    92  mm
    Tare weight
    0.325  kg
  • Mechanics

    Laptop clamp
    Snapshot button
    LCD clamp
    Quicklaunch button
    CRT stand
    Digital built-in microphone
    Desktop stand
  • Software

    Add video to
    • Yahoo! Messenger
    • AOL Messenger
    • Skype
    • ICQ
    • QQ
    • Windows Live Messenger
  • Outer Carton

    Gross weight
    3.5  kg
    Tare weight
    2.55  kg
    87 12581 33420 8
    220  mm
    392  mm
    292  mm

What's in the box?

Packaging photograph

Other items in the box

  • User Manual

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