Clock Radio

Bluetooth®, Universal charging, Dual alarm, FM, Digital tuning AJT5300/79


How to clean my Philips device?

To clean your set of fingerprints, dust, and dirt, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives, as these may damage the housing.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AJT5300/79 , AJ3400/79 , AD712/79 , DCB2070/79 , DCB2020/79 , DCM2060/79 , DCM3060/79 , AJ3123/79 , AS111/98 , AS141/98 , AS351/98 , DC390/98 , AD300/79 , AJ7040D/79 , AJ7030D/98 , DS8530/79 , DCB291/12 , DCB242/79 , AJ3121/79 , AJ3120/79 , AJ3915/79 . more less

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