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Sound stutters during CD playback of my Philips device

There might be various reasons why the sound from your Philips device is stuttering, please try the following steps to be able to enjoy your CDs again:

Check if the disc is clean

You may use a piece of soft fine cloth to gently wipe away any dust on the surface. Wipe away from the centre. Do not wipe in circles. Note: If you are using CD cleaning liquid, always read and follow the instructions for using the cleaning liquid.

Other ways

  • Avoid listening to disc that is scratched * If the CD lens is accessible, you may clean the lens using a CD lens cleaner (always read and follow the instructions for using the cleaner) * Use a lower compression level to burn tracks onto a CD. A compression level of higher than 320 kbps may cause problems. * If the problem persists, try listening to several other CDs * If the stuttering is heard also with a number of CDs, it is possible that device needs further investigation If you are still facing the issue, please contact our Consumer support in order to provide a solution.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DCM1075/79 , DCM1075/98 , MCD1065/98 , MCD120/79 , MCM233/79 , MCM103/98 , PET742/98 , FWM154/79 , AZ1834/79 , DCM250/12 , BTM630/12 , MCD177/79 , MCD710/79 , DCM230/12 , FWD185/98 , FWM185/79 , MCM196/98 , FWC185/79 . more less


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