LCD monitor, LED backlight

S Line, 24" (61 cm), Full HD display 241S4LCB/75

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the color setting of my monitor?

Yes, you can change your color setting through OSD control as the following procedures.

  • Press “OK” to show the OSD (On Screen Display) menu

  • Press “Down Arrow” to select the option “Color” then press “OK” to enter color setting, there are three settings as below.

  • Color Temperature; The two settings are 6500K and 9300K. With settings in the 6500K range the panel appears “warm, with a red-white color tone”, while a 9300K temperature yields “cool, bluewhite toning”.

  • sRGB; this is a standard setting for ensuring correct exchange of colors between different device (e.g. digital cameras, monitors, printers, scanners, etc).

  • User Define; the user can choose his/ her preference color setting by adjusting red, green blue color.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 241S4LCB/75 , 241B4LPYCB/75 , 241P4QPYEB/75 , 19S4LCB/75 , 19S4LAB/75 , 19S4LSB/75 , 248X3LFHSB/75 , 235PQ2EB/75 , 226V3LSB28/75 , 248C3LHSW/75 , 237E3QPHSU/75 , 237E3QSU/75 , 209CL2SB/75 , 273G3DHSW/75 , 190V3LSB8/75 , 190V3LSB/75 , 190V3LAB/75 , 247E3LSU/75 , 247E3LPHSU/75 , 226V3LAB8/75 , 226V3LSB8/75 , 227E3QPHSU/75 , 227E3QSU/75 , 228C3LHSB/75 , 228C3LSB/75 , 226V3LSB/75 , 248C3LHSB/75 , 248C3LSB/75 , 190E3LSU/75 , 227E3LSU/75 , 227E3LPHSU/75 , 227E3LHSU/75 , 201BL2CB/75 . more less

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