PerfectCare Steam iron

2400 W, 45 g/min continuous steam, 185 g steam boost, SteamGlide Plus soleplate GC3929/64


My Philips Steam Iron leaks from the filling door

If your Philips Steam Iron is leaking from the filling door, find out below what you can do to solve the issue.

The cap is not properly closed

When the cap of the filling opening (or door) is not properly closed, your iron might leak from it.

To solve this, please press the cap until you hear a click.

Normal dripping or leakage through de-air holes

Your Philips Iron has holes (called de-air holes) on the filling door for design purposes. Sometimes water can accumulate in the filling door and drip out from the de-air holes.

This is normal and does not affect your iron or its performance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC3929/64 , GC2142/49 , GC2678/39 , GC2676/29 , GC2145/29 , GC2143/29 , GC2148/39 , GC2999/84 , GC3920/24 , GC2996/20 , GC4527/01 , GC2984/20 , GC3811/80 , GC3820/20 , GC2040/70 , GC2046/20 , GC1490/02 , HI518/02 , HI570/02 . more less

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