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When and how should I clean my Philips epilator?

Cleaning your Philips epilator contributes to a longer life span of the product. To clean your epilator, follow the instructions below.

How to clean your epilator:

  1. Switch the epilator off, pull out the small plug and remove the adapter from the wall socket.

  2. Detach the epilating head and remove loose hairs with the brush provided.

  3. You can rinse the epilating head under the tap.

  4. After you have rinsed the epilating head, shake it firmly and then dry it with a tea towel. Make sure it is entirely dry before you place it back on.

  5. To clean the shaving head, remove it from the epilator. Pull the cutter unit out of the shaving head and brush the hairs off the cutter unit. Make sure that you also brush away any hairs that have collected under the trimmers. You can also rinse the cutter unit and the rest of the shaving head (not the epilator) under the tap. Put the cutter unit back into the shaving head and snap the shaving head back on until you hear a click. Do not exert pressure on the shaving foil to avoid damage.

  6. Clean the handle with a soft, not too damp cloth.

  7. Make sure that you keep the epilator and the adapter dry.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6400/00 , HP6511/00 , HP2844/01 , HP6409/03 . more less

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