Hairclipper series 3000 Hair clipper

Stainless steel blades, 13 length settings, 75mins cordless use/8h charge HC3520/15


My Philips hair clipper does not work

If your Philips hair clipper does not work, there might be a simple solution. Find out how to solve it yourself here.

Device is not connected

If you have a corded version of the Philips hair clipper, this will only work when it is connected to an electric socket. Please make sure that the hair clipper is plugged in and the switch is turned on.

Use Philips hair clipper connected

Device is not charged

If your Philips hair clipper is rechargeable, you can use the cordless function. In this case, please make sure that your device is fully charged.

To find instructions on how to correctly charge your Philips hair clipper, please refer to the user manual.

Device is dirty

It could be that your hair clipper is dirty and therefore not working properly. Your Philips hair clipper needs to be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning steps

1) Take off the attachments of the hair clipper.

2) Rinse the attachments under tap water.

3) Clean the inside of the clipper with the little brush provided. Do not rinse the main body of your device, as this is not waterproof and any contact with water can damage the machinery.

For more advice on cleaning, please refer to the user manual.

If you have tried the above troubleshooting advice but your hair clipper is still not working, then please contact us for further help.

Cleaning Philips hair clipper

The information on this page applies to the following models: HC3520/15 , HC3530/15 , HC3505/15 , HC5440/15 , HC3410/85 , HC9450/15 , HC7450/80 , QC5115/15 . more less

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