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Airfryer reviews

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    It Really
    Does Work..... We Love it

    Don't like the greasy film + residual smell left by conventional deep-fryers. I was skeptical at first but didn't take long to prove it was completely different to a conventional...


    Ozmic, Perth

    Love it! Best buy!

    The Air fryer constantly sits on the kitchen bench because we almost use it everyday! Great for single or a couple, could be a bit small for a whole...


    Amy, Melbourne

    Best Invention!!!!

    We got this after hearing all about it from a family member!!! And WOW what an awesome appliance! You will never eat chips any other way after having them...


    Jody, Perth

    "I love my litte "egg" (airfryer)".


    I didn't know that I would love this little appliance as much as I do. I have used it to cook steak, salmon, chips, roasted vegetables, rissoles and chicken. The little cookbook that comes with it has some fantastic recipes that I will be trying soon. I just love it!


    Ally, Kew Victoria

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    Philips Airfryer - Philips reviews

    Best money ever spent

    Since purchasing my Air fryer I could not be happier. I think it is the best purchase I have made in years. The airfryer cooks everything perfectly and with little or no oil. My meals are healthier, faster and I have more time to do other things. I fully recommend the Airfryer to people who prefer healthier meals and dont want to waste their life away waiting for ovens to preheat. I prefer my oil in the bottom of a drip tray, than in my meals. Best product ever!

    Mikey, Hunter

    Simple to use and versatile

    I have cooked many meals in this unit including, chips frozen and fresh, chicken drumsticks,, lamb cutlets, lamb chops, frozen dim sims, spring rolls, chicken breasts, etc, etc,. A little judgement is required as to time and temperature usually based on the recipe book that comes with the unit. Everything has been successful and tasty. I cannot fault this unit.

    Onemack, Canberra

    Best appliance I have

    I upgraded from the previous model air fryer to the new XL, just because of the larger capacity. I use it nearly every day and I have not found anything that I can't cook in it. I have done, bacon, sausages, steak, whole chicken, chicken drum sticks, prawns, roast vegetables (does them to perfection in about 10 mins!!!) whole roast chicken, lamb cutlets, and of course home made potato and sweet potato chips. Forget the fry pan and the oven.....get an XL Fyer

    Cammic, Sydney

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    "Product is easy to use, clean and store. Cooks and reheats amazingly well and fast".


    Since owning the Air fryer, I have hardly used my oven. It's great for so many things, and so easy to experiment with. Even my husband can use it!


    Anonymous reviewer, Adelaide

    Reviews on Mouths of Mums

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    Philips Airfryer - Mouths of Mums reviews

    Marvelous product

    I have been using my Airfryer now for over a week and just love it. Everything cooks so quickly and it moist and tasty without those extra fats. A very healthy way to cook your meals and fries and a simple process. Such an easy product to clean as well and I am looking forward to cooking more food and experimenting with my wonderful product.


    Totally Fantastic

    My son has just bought me one of the fantastic fryers, they are brilliant, sometimes i dont even put any oil in, when I make my own fries I use olive oil, so it is good for you anyway. It is also so versatile, for heating just about anything up and doesnt ruin things like the microwave does at times.

    Highly recommend this machine to anyone 100%.


    My deep fryer has gone for good  

    This is the most awesome machine i have ever used. We have used it daily since i received it. I have thrown out my deep fryer, never to be used again. I am so in love with my airfryer and am so grateful i was chosen to review it. It has seriously changed our family’s way of eating and cooking for good. Thanks Phillips and thanks Mouths of Mums.


    Great results - minimum effort!

    Wow! I was really surprised at how quickly the Airfryer cooks. Not only that, it cooks evenly so you don’t need to check/move the food around. Just set the temperature/ timer and off you go without having to watch over it. Got to love that! It is so great to be able to cook your favourites with minimum oil (or no oil at all!) The Airfryer has really taken the stress out of cooking for me and my kids are loving the results!


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