The Future of Maintenance: Unlocking the value of big data

Recorded webinar ∙ By Philips Healthcare ∙ Oct 01, 2022 ∙ 3 min read


Maintenance services

Thumbnail of webinar about the future of maintenance and unlocking the value of big data

Webinar highlights - Total duration [24:31]

[0:00] ∙ Introduction

[19:26] ∙ How maintenance is currently handled

[17:59] ∙ Proactive, automated approach to medical equipment maintenance

[16:11] ∙ How Philips uses big data
[13:39] ∙ Expert voice
[4:43] ∙ Questions and answers

In this webinar a Philips expert illustrates how, instead of responding to an incident reactively and manually — through visits, diagnoses and repairs —  hospitals have the option of a proactive, automated maintenance model that leverages data already generated by their equipment.

This means that less of their time will be spent diagnosing critical equipment, and through real-time performance monitoring of medical equipment, departments can save costs and be relieved of the pressure that comes with accounting for systems failures with an ever-growing fleet.

Speakers list

Photo of doctor Mauro Barbieri

Mauro Barbieri, PhD

Principal Architect, Services at Philips Healthcare

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