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    Making IT possible, together with Philips Enterprise Imaging


    Philips Enterprise Imaging is a platform that combines deep clinical expertise with technological innovation and close partnership to securely connect patients, care teams, and data across entire health systems.

    Outstanding care delivery starts with the right partnership.

    Healthcare leaders are about to confront a sea of change in the volume and variety of diagnostic images in their systems. This rapidly-approaching inflection point will impact how clinicians diagnose and treat patients. Enterprise Imaging directly impacts your reputation, revenue, and operations.  Philips combines deep clinical expertise with our core innovation culture in partnership with you to understand and execute on your Enterprise Imaging vision.


    We are delivering Connected, Secure, and Intelligent integrated solutions.


    Philips Enterprise Imaging vision

    Driving the next evolution of imaging performance

    Remove barriers to efficiency


    Illumeo with adaptive intelligence


    Standards-based patient image and data storage


    Universal Data Management

    Improve interaction with images


    IntelliSpace Radiology Workspace Solution*

    Discuss with our consulting experts and share your vision


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    Unified PACS, unified vision

    As a result of the migration to Philips IntelliSpace PACS, UCHealth projects a five year savings of 11.1 million USD, as well as improved workflow, ready access to images for enhanced patient care, and a flexible and nimble structure that is poised to adapt to new acquisitions.

    From health system perspective, any patient should be able to get identical, high quality, standardized care any place in the system - and PACS is part of that. Standardizing imaging protocols, workflow, and the structure and content of reports is essential, as is making sure clinicians can see prior studies and historical records.”

    — Peter Sachs, M.D., Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Section Chief of Cardiothoracic Imaging and Vice Chair of Informatics, Department of Radiology, and Radiology Physician Informaticist, University of Colorado Health

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    Meaningful learning for enhanced patience care. Philips Healthcare Education delivers comprehensive, clinically relevant courses, learning paths, and programs designed to help you enhance operational efficiency and deliver high quality patient care.