Enterprise Imaging Solution

A comprehensive solution to meet your evolving needs, today and tomorrow

Introducing Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Imaging Solution

Outstanding care delivery starts with the right partnership. Deep clinical expertise, purposeful innovations, and dedicated partnership are integrated in a comprehensive solution to meet your evolving needs, increased clinical demands and image data management complexity.

IntelliSpace Enterprise Imaging Solution meets your healthcare system’s present and future needs

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Addressing the shared challenges

Combines deep clinical expertise with technological innovation

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By streamlining connections among your teams, departments and locations across the care continuum.
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Through robust security with an intuitive workflow—vitally important in the face of today’s increasing complexity and risk.
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Enables decisions with relevant clinical tools, and optimized IT system.

Increased clinical demands and image data management complexity

  • Flexible workflow to enhance clinical decision-making
  • Performant, so you can keep up with ever-increasing volumes, varieties, and file sizes
  • Interoperable with your investments—today and tomorrow
  • Simple, intuitive touch points to enhance your productivity
  • Speed that helps you stay ahead
  • Secures your data for confident control of clinical imaging
  • Completes your medical imaging record with universal access to all images
  • Scales efficiently to control costs as you grow
  • Delivers the reliable performance you deserve

See our integrated solution

Our IntelliSpace Enterprise Imaging Solution includes the products IntelliSpace Radiology, IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager and IntelliSpace Radiology Workspace Solution

See below for how they integrate to address today's image data management complexities.

intellispace radiology

IntelliSpace Radiology

Optimized imaging productivity
IntelliSpace Radiology is the clinical user interface designed to optimize the impact radiologists have on patient care. It delivers five simple, singular benefits in the critical areas of speed, productivity, flexibility, collaboration and reliability.

IntelliSpace Radiology, optimized imaging productivity


  • Easier access to commonly used tools 
  • Improves efficiency and productivity 
  • Measurement and annotation improvements 
  • Expanded SR reporting (encapsulated PDF, X-ray dose SR, Basic Text SR) 
  • Quick and easy viewing of Structured Reports 
  • Line ratio tool 
  • Patient look-up improvements 2D to 3D
intellispace radiology workspace solution

IntelliSpace Radiology Workspace Solution

A new approach to radiology workflow
Our unique approach transforms radiology reading from a collection of discreet studies to a vehicle for insight into multiple levels of patient health.

A streamlined, intuitive interface designed with the user in mind

IntelliSpace Radiology Workspace Solution

More visibility. Less searching for studies.

My Dashboard || Efficient workflow

My Dashboard provides a personalized workflow

The My Dashboard window streamlines access to Advanced Workflow Solution and provides at-a-glance visibility to personalized data based on each user's role.
Communication management || Enhanced communication

Communication management enhances productivity

Improve your throughput with Communication management, a powerful, contextually integrated communication tool for IntelliSpace PACS users. It fosters collaboration, helps reduce interruptions, and increases radiologist productivity. Includes chat, mail, and broadcast messaging.
Assignment Worklist || Efficient workflow

Assignment Worklist streamlines interpretation

This application enhances efficiency by streamlining reading in large distributed institutions and by providing reading allocation management. It also supports the reading workflow of academic institutions. Residents or Fellows can do the preliminary interpretation, and attending physicians can give final approval.
ED-RAD Reconciliation management || Enhanced communication

ED-RAD Reconciliation management simplifies collaboration

This feature is designed to improve communication and workflow between radiologists and emergency department physicians. It leverages fully automated workflow to strengthen collaboration, improve efficiency, and facilitate patient care and ACR reporting.
Peer Review management || Efficient workflow

Peer Review management facilitates review compliance

This application allows you to do peer reviews in the IntelliSpace PACS 4.4 viewing environment. This streamlines radiologist workflow, supports screening/reconciliation, and facilitates ACR reporting to enhance compliance with the ACR-mandated peer-review process.
Critical Findings management || Enhanced communication

Critical Findings management for timely communication

Leverage a fully automated workflow to improve efficiency, facilitate patient care, and document findings communication and ACR reporting. Critical Findings management allows timely and effective communication of findings to physicians.
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Based on a fundamental understanding of radiology workflow, Philips IntelliSpace Radiology Workspace Solution helps you achieve your goal of high quality patient care, while also delivering advanced efficiency tools — so that valuable time is spent solving diagnostics challenges, not navigating software.


The Workspace Solution features a customizable, intuitive user interface and advanced workflow tools that reduce the steps required to view and interpret studies. It optimizes the display layout, organizes patient history on a timeline, automates image hanging protocols, and provides customizable functionality and keyboard shortcuts to help you focus on the images, rather than the system.

The new Radiology Workspace Solution

A new solution based on a fundamental understanding of radiology workflow to remove barriers to efficiency, while helping radiologists achieve their goal of high quality patient care.
Need more information? Please watch the video and download the brochure to get an overview.
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intellispace universal data manager

IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager

Enable true Enterprise Imaging

Delivers outstanding care with no compromise in clinical data management and five singular benefits:

Scalability, interoperability, performance, universality and security.

The no compromise solution

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A breakthrough in image data management
IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager


For PACS customers who want both scalability and performance, while also achieving interoperability and universal image/data management, Universal Data Manager offers a no-compromise solution to managing and storing a wide array of patient images and data in a standards-based environment. 

Outstanding care delivery starts with the right partnership

Philips Enterprise Imaging is a platform that combines deep clinical expertise with technological innovation and close partnership to securely connect patients, care teams, and data across entire health systems.

Discuss with our consulting experts and share your vision today.


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