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Empowering patients with the Ambient Experience In-bore Connect

Helping to reduce MRI patient stress and rescans

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MRI, one of the most common imaging exams, presents a challenge for many patients. Philips Ambient Experience integrates dynamic lighting, sound, and video to create an engaging environment designed to ease patient stress during diagnostic imaging examinations and to positively impact workflow and productivity. The In-bore Connect element helps improve the patient experience during the scan by providing step-by-step guidance information, and positive distraction. 
In-bore Connect can help ease patient stress and reduce motion, potentially reducing the number of interruptions and rescans. An installation at Herlev Gentofte University Hospital in Denmark resulted in a significantly reduced number of interrupted scans, higher throughput rates, and an overall more positive patient experience in five months.1

We want to create a relaxed environment for our patients to have their MRI examinations. Ambient Experience provides a spectacular view!” 

Yoshitada Masuda, RT, PhD

Chief Radiological Technologist, Chiba University Hospital (CUH), Japan

Supporting patient compliance

With Philips In-bore Connect technology, the selected Ambient Experience video theme is carried over into the bore. The patient is given a comfortable set of headphones to wear. A small mirror is placed in their line of sight and adjusted so they can see the large video display positioned directly out the rear of the scanner. Both video and audio continue the selected active relaxation theme.

Ambient Experience In-bore Connect is linked with the Philips MRI software to provide the scan progress information in real-time during the procedure to support patient compliance: 

•A breath-hold graphic can be projected over the theme to alert the patient when to hold their breath and for how long. The image indicates the breath in, the hold time, and the exhale. Auto-voice commands accompany the graphics. 

•Another feature is the progress scan bar. This appears at the bottom of the screen to tell the patient how long the exam will take and indicates their progress. Marker points on the bar show upcoming breath-holds, so the patient can prepare. 

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The concept of creating an atmosphere of ‘positive distraction’ that engages the patient and reduces anxiety has proven to be successful. With a talented group of experts in lighting design, spatial design, and multimedia design, Philips has transformed the imaging experience.

Over 2500 installations demonstrate its efficacy.

Ambient Experience for pediatrics

Captivating characters engage children and create a positive imaging experience.

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1 Philips Ambient Experience for Herlev Gentofte University Hospital in Denmark, link
Results from case studies are not predictive of results of other cases. Results in other cases may vary.


2 Delewi R, Vlastra W, Rohling WJ, et al. Anxiety levels of patients undergoing coronary procedures in the catheterization laboratory. International Journal of Cardiology, 2017;228:926-930.

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