Hairclipper series 9000 Hair clipper

Titanium blades, 400 length settings, 120mins cordless use/1h charge HC9450/15

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the length setting lock works?

This feature prevents accidental changing of the length setting during trimming. Every time you switch on the appliance, the length setting lock is activated. You can only change the length setting if you switch off the appliance.

1) Scroll upwards and downwards to select the desired length setting.

2) Switch on the appliance.

  • The lock symbol starts to flash. You cannot change the length setting anymore.

Note: If you want to select a different length setting, switch off the appliance.

Scroll upwards or downwards to select the desired length setting and switch on the appliance again.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HC9450/15 .

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