XperCT Dual

Fast, high-resolution cone beam CT during interventions

XperCT Dual is a new version of XperCT, which allows two scans to be made on the Allura system at a defined interval. High resolution, high contrast images are reconstructed four times faster to support fast decisions during procedures.

Application areas

Lesion detection

DualPhase acquisition and DualView allow visualization of arterial and post-arterial contrast enhancement in liver imaging. With MRI-like lesion1,2 detection, XperCT Dual allows you to predict tumor response in TACE and SIRT procedures.

Neuro visualizations

XperCT Dual provides superb image quality when imaging areas where a coil or stent is present. Plus, its improved grey scale and more homogeneous images enhance visualization of soft tissue and small bleedings for post-procedural checks.

Visualization of endoleaks

The enhanced image quality of XperCT Dual improves the visualization of pathologies, such as endoleaks. It also assists in the treatment of large patients by providing improved image quality.